Who are we?

Professional Divestment Services for Your Business

We lead owners of small & mid sized businesses through the transition process, helping to ensure they achieve their business, financial and personal goals. 

We ensure our clients get the best valuation, transaction support and market representation in a transition process.

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What we do and Fees

Our process ensures clients receive the best price and terms on the sale of their business. 

We invite you to review the latest Industry Fee Review

The Divestment Process (pdf)


2018 - 19 Industry Fee Review (pdf)


Divestment Planning

The Best Time to Start Planning for Your Business Sale is Now

A solid divestment plan can take years to develop and implement. We have the resources and expertise to guide you through the entire process. 

A good process ensures you are in control and ready for when you get the call from a buyer. 

Know Your Options

The sky's the limit, when it comes to potential buyers. Without the knowledge and expertise to reach potential buyers you could miss the opportunity of your life.  

Close the deal

Do you know that about 10% of all corporate sales do not get closed because of due diligence issues?

By having a plan you significantly reduce this risk 

Questions About the Divestment Process?

Who's Going to Buy My Company?

There are a number of potential buyers when it comes to selling your business. The one you pick should be the one that best meets your personal and business goals.

Each buyer brings different opportunities and challenges. They also will place different valuations on the business. Each will also require different participation from you in the business after the sale is complete.

Who are they?

  • Family members
  • Management/Employees
  • Strategic companies (competitors, suppliers, etc.)
  • Financial buyers/Private equity firms
  • Public markets - IPO

Achieving The Best Valuation

What is my company's value story?

How do I add value to the company post sale?

How will my business be valued? 

Managing the Sale Process

What Information are potential buyers looking for?

What materials are needed in preparation for sale?

How do I maintain the business' valuation during the sale process?

Make sure potential buyers understand the upsides and synergies. 

How can I structure the deal?

How is the deal marketed?

Getting To Close

What detailed information is needed to sign the deal?

Satisfying regulatory requirements can be an issue.

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