About Alan Crossley


Alan does not believe in luck. He believes you make your own success through hard work, preparation and execution.

Alan follows these principles when guiding business owners through the divestment process to achieve the success that they previously thought was unobtainable.

Prior to the inception of A. Crossley & Associates, Alan was a partner with a leading Canadian investment bank. His business experience also includes leading manufacturing and service businesses.  Some were family owned and operated; others were multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations. 

For decades, Alan gained extensive experience in the mergers and acquisitions markets, which began  when his first employer was acquired by a private equity firm. Since then Alan has been involved in numerous acquisitions as a buyer, seller and an advisor. 

Based on his experience, he knows selling a business can be a daunting task for business owners. Most underestimate the time and effort it takes because it is not something they do every day.

With an MBA from Queen's University and a B.A. in Economics, Alan also understands there is more to a company than spreadsheets and financial statements. Your company is your livelihood, your passion, your family, your life's work.

Helping you divest with purpose is what A. Crossley & Associates does every day.

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